Padded Muscle T-Shirt - V neck - (Black)

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The Ultimate Tee… To Compliment What You’re Wearing

A leap forward for men, who are looking to gain that competitive edge when it comes to body image.

Our version 2.0 of the Funkybod Muscle Enhancing Tee is Discreetly padded and offers amazing muscle definition in an instant.

Confidence building, body hugging design that gives you the pump of the gym without the sweat.

Whether it’s a suit for a business or a jumper to go out, Funkybod patented t shirt design allows your body to breathe whilst keeping your posture in good form.

People will be showering you with compliments.

Have some fun with your body and get your Funkybod Original Tee today.

Before and After

Designed to give the appearance, feel of muscle size and definition. Features of the Funkybod muscle top:

  • Chest plates giving a pumped look;
  • Shoulder plates to give a broader look;
  • Bicep plates giving bigger biceps;
  • Tricep plates giving bigger triceps.

Looks and feels like a T-shirt, designed to be worn as an under garment.

before and after

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Padded Muscle T-Shirt - V neck - (Black)


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