Original Padded Muscle Shirts


The original padded muscle t-shirt for men

Get your padded muscle under shirt now

Muscle up instantly and feel comfortable in your own skin #funkyboders #muscleshirt
Undershirt design

Muscle up instantly and feel comfortable in your own skin

Designed to give the appearance, feel, size and definition of muscle

Chest plates, Shoulder plates, Bicep plates & Tricep plates.

Worn as an under shirt

Looks and feels like a T-shirt, designed to be worn as an under shirt. Shortened sleeves so as not to be visible when worn under a shirt with cuffs

Soft, smooth, cool and comfortable

The fabric used for Funkybod t-shirts are soft, smooth, cool, comfortable and highly absorbent but does not insulate body heat therefore making them ideal for use in warm and humid conditions. Funkybod t-shirts are skin frien

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Hi, just received my undershirt, was very pleased with it. I have lost a lot of weight since developing ulcerative colitis and the shirt will help me with my body image. It did occur to me, what a great addition it would be to have a shorter sleeved version. I know this doesn't fully address skinny arms, but it would certainly give a better body shape. Anyway thanks for the prompt delivery, got it the next day. Will buy again..
Mr Cole from UK
Your product has changed the way I wear shirts. Now I wear the funkybod shirt every day for now on. It does the job better than other things I have tried. Its more comfortable than wearing an A-shirt or a slimming shirt, but instead of just covering up or holding in my chest like a slimming shirt, it actually makes it look better. I already ordered two more last week.
Ross Klien from USA