As you know we are continuously looking at ways to improve our products, part of this is that we're moving away from having the stitching of the paddings visible on the outside of the shirts, the stitching is now hidden inside the shirts and the padding sizes are exactly the same as before.

This new design has developed over time as the majority of our customers prefer full discretion whilst wearing the shirts, it's now more difficult to spot if someone is wearing one which is our ultimate aim.

I'm sure you'll like the new improvements and I would appreciate your feedback.

Funkybod - The fashion behind the fashion

Go sleeveless this summer?

Our undershirt has been rigorously tested

The Funkybod muscle top is the result of intense research gathered over some years. This, coupled with a technical approach to the materials and manufacturing technique, makes for a high quality undershirt which has been rigorously tested.

Welcome to Funkybod.

The funkybod shirt is proving to be a worldwide success. Funkybod when worn as an undershirt will give you a natural looking enhancement. Finally, a padded bra for men.

  • Funkybod tops shipped worldwide.
  • Available in White, Black & Grey.
  • Sleeveless version now available.
  • All major credit cards accepted via our secure payments system.

Funkybod is the fashion under the fashion.

Funkybod Japan.

For inquiries in Japanese: 『日本総代理店へのお問い合わせはこちら』 Contact to our Japanese sole agency from here.

The Funkybod - a new type of underwear.

The Funkybod Muscle enhancing top is manufactured from materials which allow the skin to breathe whilst maintaining a snug fit and natural looking enhancement when worn under clothing. It has been noted that the best colour to wear under a light colored or thin shirt is the Grey. The white can tend to be a bit bright in comparison to the effect when no undershirt is worn.

Need a Funkybod top

The muscle top is available in 2 styles and 3 colors. Choose from black, grey or white

Gym body cut

Funkybod tops allow the skin to breathe whilst maintaining a snug fit & and natural looking enhancement

Muscle top

Its like a padded bra for men , worn as underwear gives you the gym style body.

Body shaping undershirt

Your body shaping undershirt is only a few clicks away, visit our shop to buy your Funkybod top.

The Funkybod shop.

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